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Vocal coaching & Artist development
Singer - Songwriter - Vocal arranger
Sense of Sound Singers
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Picture by Mark McNulty

Picture by Mark McNulty

Everything music

Jennifer is a highly skilled and experienced Vocal Coach, Music Lecturer and Mentor. Based in Liverpool, she is also a singer, songwriter and vocal arranger. She is the Music Manager of creative company and choir Sense of Sound Singers who provide lead vocals and backing vocals for studio recordings, live performances and offer bespoke packages for weddings and corporate entertainment. With 30 years of experience within the commercial pop industry, she helps artists to reach their full potential. She has a passionate approach to teaching and an ability to bring out the best of her students’ individuality through artistic and technical development.


Vocal coaching & artist development

Jennifer John’s approach to vocal coaching goes beyond vocal technique. She specialises in artist development, helping emerging and established individual singers, bands and choirs to find their true voice, understanding who they are as artists and why they sing.

Singer, songwriter & vocal arranger

Jennifer is the lead singer with the band Killerfernandez. She also collaborates with other composers, musicians and producers to create new music for performances and record releases. Jennifer creates choral arrangements for choirs, vocal groups and ensembles. She also works with producers and bands to create backing vocals for live performances and studio sessions within the commercial pop and dance music industries.

Artistic direction & project management

Jennifer manages large scale singing projects, from recruiting the community groups involved in the events to creating the vocal arrangements.

Session fixers, Choir, Weddings

Jennifer is the Music Manager of Sense of Sound Singers, a creative company of professional singers who perform, provide backing vocals and recordings in their own right and collaboratively with other artists and producers.
The a capella choir can also perform at weddings and provide entertainment at corporate events, offering bespoke performances.



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